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Solid Timber Doors

Seng Hee Timber Industries Sdn. Bhd. designs and manufactures a complete range of doors, ranging from the entry doors to the internal doors, to meet the demand of the customers. For local market, we are using various types of timber species to produce our wooden doors. Those types are Nyatoh, Melunak, Red Meranti, and Simpoh. For export market, the types of timber species that we use to produce our doors are Durian, Kembang Semangkok / K.S.K, Red Meranti, Simpoh and Merpauh.

Currently we have 26 number of designs / models available for our customers selection. Among those models, SL 3077 ( 8 Panel Door) is our buyers' favorite design. In addition, our standard sizes are 33-3/4" x 83" x 1-1/2" and 36" x 83" x 1-1/2". We also categorize our doors into A grade and B grade base on the difference of the color matching.

Door Frames and Window Frames

These frames are designed to carry the wooden doors and windows. Therefore, a doorframe and a wooden door, for example, must make up together, and they are usually called one set. Without the frame, a wooden door cannot stand by itself. The timber species that Seng Hee uses for the frames are Resak and Chenghai. Those timbers are heavy hardwoods and one of the best woods that suitable for making frames. Normally, the size for doorframe is 3'W x 7'H, and the size for window frame is 3'W x 4'H.

Plywood and Louvers Doors

Plywood door is the cheapest and lightweight door if compare to solid timber door. In addition to the differences, both types of the doors are used in a similar way. However, the Plywood door is more suitable for bathrooms because of the water-resistant plywood. The kind of timber that Seng Hee uses for Plywood door is 4mm Plywood timber. Louvers door is more expensive than Plywood door because of the construction of the Louvers door. Due to the ventilation advantage, Louvers door, normally, is used for storeroom, engine/machinery room, bathroom, and fitting room. The timber species that the company uses are Red Meranti and Chenghai. Both of the Plywood and Louvers doors can be varnished or painted.


The construction of the casement is almost similar to the door, except the size of the casement is smaller. We have a full range of casements, which have supplied to local contractors and end users. The kinds of the timber species that we use for producing casement are Chenghai, Nyatoh and Red Meranti. The casement can be varnished or painted.


Seng Hee's furniture is generally described as a quality, heavy, durable and beautiful product. The categories of the furniture consist of kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, office table and cabinet, and others. Due to the flexibility of the furniture designs, the range can be easily expanded to meet special requirements.

Normally, we use Nyatoh timber for furniture producing. Even though this furniture department is a small department, the skillful workers of this department are very effective and efficiency in producing the furniture. Due to our craftsmen skill in making a quality and impressive furniture, our customers are usually willing to wait for their products.

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