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Among Seng Hee products, Solid Wooden Carved Doors are the main good that we are exporting to the foreign countries such as Australia, Netherlands, Hong Kong, England and Singapore. In addition, our doors consist of a wide variety of designs that enable you to make your new home or old home looks luxury , style, and beautiful.

The sort of the timber species that we use to produce our wooden doors are tropical wood like Durian , Kembang Semangkok / K.S.K ( Malaysia Oak) , Merpauh, Red Meranti , and Simpoh.

At the moment, our capacity to produce the doors is about 3000 pieces per month. Currently, we are exporting about 4 - 5 (1x20') container load of doors per month to Australia , Belgium and Singapore.


Local Market is acquiring 20 % of the total sales volume for our company. Furniture, Wooden Doors, Doors and Windows Frame, Plywood Doors, Louvres Doors and Casements are the products that the company manufactures for local market.

Most of our buyers are the trading companies and contractors. Since the company does not have a showroom, our products are also selling to the end users. Through our workers' experiences and skills, we are able to produce any special designs that our customers require. This is one of the features of our company.

Our company also has a CNC Router Machine, which is programmed to engrave the decoration design on the doors' panels. In addition to the doors, the machine also can be programmed to engrave the decoration design on the wooden signboard and furniture's component like chair 's component.

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