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SENG HEE TIMBER INDUSTRIES SDN BHD is a well-established manufacturing company in Malaysia, which was founded by the Managing Director, Mr. Lim Tian Hee and his partner, Mr Low Teck in 1966. This company has been a leader in this industry for about 30 years with a good reputation. At the beginning, Seng Hee was doing the furniture business for almost 15 years. Gradually, the Managing Director, Mr Lim transformed this business to the door industry, which was still new industry at that moment, until nowadays. Our principal activity is to manufacture and sale the wooden products with high quality to the customers. Moreover, the satisfaction of our customers is vital to us for the PAST, NOW and FUTURE. Our products are constituted as follows:- a) Solid Timber Doors b) Door Frames and Window Frames c) Plywood and Louvres Doors d) Casement and Adjectable Louvres e) Furniture (For Domestic Only) All of Seng Hee products are manufactured in our factory in Sungei Rasa Lama, Klang. Furthermore, durable, reliability, and quality, supported by our own-trained and high technology machinery skillful craftsmen, are guaranteed in our products. With our extensive stock of products, we are very proud that we can meet our customer's needs when required. Our success is driven by our well-trained people and by our ability to make quality products for our customers all the time. OUR MISSION: To become a leader for the market of Wooden Doors in Malaysia and other countries. OUR OBJECTIVES: a) To possess 50% of the market share for wooden doors in Malaysia and other countries for the next 10 years. b) To build up 5 major distributors to promote our products in Malaysia and other countries.

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