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AMARC C.I. Camp In Taiwan (Posted: 22 December 2008 )

AMARC C.I. Camp in Taiwan recently with more than 100 teachers participating.

Inaugural Class In China (Posted: 22 December 2008 )

Inaugural Class In China By Using Golden Brain AMARC Teaching Method.

Honour of Golden Brain (Posted: 22 December 2008 )

i) Interview by the press reporters'and media. Our long-term goals have been affirmed by parents and business operators. Have received interviews from the China Press,Oriental Daily News, Sin Chew Jit Poh and other newspapers. In addition, serveral television broadcasterd had recorded our teaching scenarios and teaching sessions with our students at Golden Brain for national broadcast. ii) In 2003, "AMARC Teaching Method" successfully entered two records into The Malaysia Book of Records - the fastest mental arithmetic calculation. After certification unit "The Malaysia Book of Record", to search and verification throughout the country. In May 2003, formally notified "Golden Brain Mental Arithmetic" is the only to complete "the fastest mental arithmetic calculation of 10 digits multiply(x) 6 digits (24.10 seconds)" and "the fastest mental arithmetic calculation of 9 digits digits multiply(x)9 digits (23.86 seconds), A formal announcement were recorded into the series of "The Malaysia Book of Record." This initiative is in the international community is very commendable. This achievement marked the mental arithmetic academic in Malaysia has officially reached the international standards, proving "Malaysia can!"(MALAYSIA BOLEH). iii) In 2004, "AMARC educating materials" were honoured listed into "The book of Inaugural world's Records". In October 2004, "AMARC Teaching Method and teaching materials" had entered into the " Book of Inaugural World's record". The above was developed by Mr. Yap Yoke Teng based on a fusion of ideas acquired through years of teaching experience. The teaching methods and materials which are specially designed to train the balancing of brain development and suitable for children between 3-12 years old have finally gained its world recognition. iv) In 2007, won the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurs Classic Awards - "Excellent Brand Award". In the current year "Golden Brain Mental Arithmetic" has successful move a step foward towards to the international recognition. Among the five hundred business units competitive excellence, (including China, Brunei, the United States and India), we have came to the fore and be awarded "The Excellent Brand Award".This achievement was recognized and recommended in the grobal business community.