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Mental Arithmetic (AMARC Teaching Method)

Mental Arithmetic is a method of computation through "visualization of abacus" to achieve the result of computing. Interaction of "Abacus" & "Visualization Abacus" collocation with the scientific & logic materials to enables the child to develop their stability and concentration. The synergy of left & right hemisphere is needed during the process of mental arithmetic calculation using abacus with digits from 0-9 and it helps to improve the imagination, memory power as well as the reaction force. AMARC Teaching Method is developed by Mr. David Yap Yoke Teng and specially tailored for children of ages 3½ to 13. The AMARC Teaching Method focuses on stimulating the unlimited brain power of children in order to achieve the optimum learning capability in the development of left and right brain.
Programme Description:

Course Characteristics:-

1. Emphasis on daily training, brain stimulating and learning habits.

2. Multimedia teaching method using sound and images to enhance learning interest and efficiency.

3. Combined features of "Abacus, Mental Arithmetic, Rapid Calculation, to meet the international requirements.

4. Materials and teaching method are coherently compiled so students learn to master easily. 

5. Two-way interaction and communication between teachers and students will make "teaching" and "learning" more efficient. 

6. Breakthrough the language barriers, interesting and creative teaching, fun to learn without memorizing formulas the mechanical way.

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