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Since 1975, IPI has been developing, producing and marketing inks and associated products for the printing industry in Malaysia. The Company operates a dedicated ink plant manufacturing varnishes and inks for lithographic, silkscreen, metal decoration, flexographic and gravure painting. The Company's unique ability to understand the printer's needs and to convert this understanding into product development has earned us a major share of the Malaysian market. In addition, we have a highly regarded reputation and supply position in many countries in Asia and Middle East. Today, IPI is one of the leading manufacturers of offset sheetfed printing inks for the commercial and packaging industries. We are also a significant manufacturer of newspaper, flexographic, gravure, silkscreen and metal decoration inks. Besides printing inks, IPI also distributes products in the field of Graphic Art Supplies, Press-Room Chemicals, Presensitised Plates Printing Blankets and other Printing Auxiliaries. IPI's long serving staff (averaging length of service is double figure) have received continuous training and experience in Europe and have a renowned reputation in the printing ink industry. In 2000, we earned ISO Certification. IPI成立於1975年,专业生产印刷油墨及辅助材料。以雄厚之技术力量,本公司所生产的胶版、铜版、柔版及丝印油墨均受专业厂家用后的赞誉。 本公司已通过国际ISO9001质量标准作业,利用先进技术及精良设备、选用高档原料,生产多种系列的油墨和配套溶济等印刷化工产品。 作为一家国际企业,本公司非常注重产品质量及稳定性,从连结料制造致整个产品的设制,各种数据都异常精确,除此之外,本公司也对所有产品进行重新分析完善,在稳定常规产品的同时,本公司也致力於研制开发高档的特种油墨以应客户要求。 本公司也为客户提供技术服务,以一贯累积之经验为客户解决油墨应用疑问及产品选用。本公司非常欢迎各界印刷专业与本公司技术人员进行讨论及研究各类印刷难题。 竭诚欢迎广大客户垂询!

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