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Company Activities

The company is set up with the aim of providing the best quality services to it client.

1. Perform feasibility study, provide project capital and running cost estimates, budgetary advice, contracts administration and project management services.

2. Perform detailed engineering, heat and mass balance calculation, steel analysis, plant and piping layout design drawings, materials selection advice and other design calculation.

3. Prepare and submit necessary document to Authorities, namely Department of Environment (DOE) and Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) for approval to install machinery and equipment involving work and system associated with fabrication, transportation, storage, errection, installation and pressure testing of the following :-

a. Boiler, thermal oil heaters, compressors, power generators set, turbines, incinerators and pumps.
b. Process, utility and building services pipings.
c. Fuel oil storage tank farm and fuel handling equipment.
d. Industrial ducting and stacks.
e. Structural steel work, platform, ladders and galleries for equipment.
f. Process equipment and vessel installation.
g. Thermal insulation covering.. the general manufacturing industry, hotels, hospital, power generation and environmental plants.
h. Compressor & mechanical based generator.
i. Specialized fabrication & treatment.
j. Miscellaneous mechanical equipment.

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