MPR is part of the Cathay Motor Group of Companies, which is involved in the wholesaling and distribution of many world-renowned brand names of automotive, industrial and related products for the automotive, hardware, engineering, industrial and marine sectors. MPR has been producing OE quality Cylinder Liners since it started operations in 1983. With our nearly 20 years of expertise, MPR is able to produce Quality Products to meet World Standards. MPR Manufactures its liners under strict and precise quality control. MPR uses excellent materials & advanced technology to fulfill and meet customers' needs, both local and overseas. Our liners are produced to withstand very high temperatures and pressures inside engines. MPR Liners will also withstand the friction from pistons running at high speeds, reduce wear and tear and at the same time prolonging the life of the engines. MPR produces the highest quality engines parts for many automative applications. Apart from our MPR Label, we have also been exporting and supplying Cylinder Liners under other well-know brand names.


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