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IVY Beauty Corporation Sdn Bhd was incorporated in November 1999 in Malaysia with a mission to provide quality, value added, value for money toiletries products for the Malaysian market as well as for international markets, thereby achieving economy of scale and providing competitive pricing.

Malaysian Market
The Malaysian market operations started in Mid June 2000, and within a span of 3 ½ years the company achieved impressive sales records becoming a significant player in the Malaysian toiletries market with visible presence in all major supermarket and mass merchandising outlets. The company recorded one of the highest sales growth rate in the history of Malaysian toiletries company with a sales force team of 400 and a product portfolio comprising of a least 200 items.

Export Market
On the international market scene, the company's products has successfully penetrated to Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mauritius, Madagascar & South Africa and is currently making inroads into the Middle East & African countries.

Company Operations
IVY Beauty Corporation Sdn Bhd markets body care, hair care, skin care, baby care, man toiletries and cosmetics under the brand names of IVY, LEIVY, NATIFA & MAN through counters set up in mass merchandising outlets such as supermarkets and large retailing outlets. Winning strategies amongst others that has worked well for the company in Malaysia includes (a) the deployment of a team of highly motivated sales promoter placed at each and every major counter to promote the products, (b) the company's offerings of quality, value for money products suited to the needs of consumers. Based on the success of its products which are also well received in export markets, the company has also embarked onto product development and contract manufacturing services for private labels both local and in international markets.

Key Management
The Company is being managed by a group of shareholders who together has more than 60 years of experience in toiletries sales and marketing management. The Management team is led by Ms Monica Wong, the Managing Director who has about 20 years experience in the business, and has a proven track record of implementing winning marketing strategies that has worked very well for the companies she worked for. Her major forte is in product development and through the years she had acquired invaluable hands on experience in understanding the toiletries needs and preferences of the consumers. Ms Monica started her career as an Advertising Executive with an international advertising firm, Wings BBDO Sdn Bhd in 1980. After 2 years she moved on to mainstream marketing when she joined Johnson & Johnson (M) Sdn Bhd, the leading marketer of baby toiletries as a Product Manager. In 1984, she joined Gervas (M) Sdn Bhd, a local subsidiary of Colgate Palmolive (M) Sdn Bhd as a Marketing Manager where she implemented marketing strategies that lead the company to grow by leaps and bounces to become a leading player in the local toiletries market. After staying on for 15 years in 1995, Ms Wong ventured off on her own to start a direct selling company dealing in toiletries, cosmetics and household products. She has recently sold the company, maintaining a role as a consultant to the direct selling company. The other key person in the management team is Mr Loh Yong See, the Executive Director who has extensive experience (about 24 years) in the toiletries sales and distribution management in both international as well as local toiletries companies. He has invaluable personal contacts with the supermarket owners (IVY's major customers), wholesalers and retail shops. He currently heads a fast growing sales team of 400 sales personnel. Mr Loh started his career in 1976 as a Sales Representative with Harper Gilfillan, an international trading house handling a vast array of mass market consumer products. In 1980 he was offered the position of Sales Executive of Antah Jardine Sandilands, another international trading house. Mr Loh's major break came about in 1983, when he was asked to join a budding toiletries company, Unza Sdn Bhd as an Area Sales Manager. Mr Loh contributed significantly in building the distribution network and in structuring a strong sales team which have driven the company to become the leading toiletries company in Malaysia. Mr Loh's extensive experience attracted the attention of major toiletries companies and in 1997 he became the National Sales Manager with Cussons International Ltd, an international baby toiletries company. In 1999 Mr Loh joined force with Ms Monica and the other shareholders to put all their invaluable experiences together to fruitful use by setting up a toiletry company to take on the challenges. Today embarking on the above mentioned strategies, IVY Beauty Corporation Sdn Bhd is certain to be on the way to be the fastest growing and most successful toiletry company that ever exist.

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