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IGBT, NPT (Non-Penetration Type)
IGBT, TFS (Field Cut-Off Type)
IGBT, Integrated RFD

Wide Band Gap, SiC Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode
Wide Band Gap, SiC Silicon Carbide MosFET
Wide Band Gap, GaN Gallium Nitride MosFET


S A G Components, with Service And Guarantee concepts, has been creating advantages for many electronic and electrical products' manufacturers since 1994.

* QUALITY: We have successfully selected & introduced BEST makers of electronic components to many international companies, which have the highest standard of Quality requirement.
* COST SAVING: Our customers have enjoyed millions of COST SAVING by accepting our offers and services
* EXPERIENCE: We have gained experiences and adopted up-to-date management concepts in order to provide our customers the BEST Service & Guarantee we could.
* GREEN ENVIROMENT: We are always ahead of others in term of international certification to prohibit hazardous chemical substances in the making of components.
* QUALITY MANAGEMENT: We are one of the very few electronic components merchants certified by SGS for ISO9001:2015 Quality Management in this region.
* LOGISTIC CONVENIENCES: Our delivery points are located in Penang, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong for faster and easier shipment arrangement.

For your conveniences, we are servicing customers thru our offices located in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and China. To understand more about us, please feel free to contact the office nearest to you or simply send us an email.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy our Service And Guarantee commitment very soon.


For more enquiries,
please call : +604 - 6607 797

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