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With 21 years of extensive experience in the printing of label and manufacturing of automatic labeling machine respectively, KomarkCorp Berhad earned the reputation as one of Malaysia's foremost company in the labels and labeling industries. As a total solution provider organization, KomarkCorp Berhad not only fulfills the demand of domestic market but also exports a wide range of products to overseas markets such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Papua New Guinea, China, Japan, USA, Middle East and other countries. The most important contribution KomarkCorp Berhad has made towards the realization of Malaysia Vision 2020 is the establishment of the Research & Development (R&D) center. This center has continuously carried out activities on automatic labeling machine and other related products. In 1998 KomarkCorp Berhad has promoted Malaysia to be the first country in South East Asia to manufacture indigenous custom-made automatic labeling machines, and was awarded Pioneer Status by the Malaysia Industrial Development Authority (MIDA). Today, KOMARK Labeling machines have become a hallmark in the label packaging industries. To enhance KomarkCorp Berhad's role internationally, a wide marketing network in India, Pakistan and Philippines has been established. Currently, we are expanding out networking to include Indochina, Central Asia and Latin America to further complement our existing oversea operation in Singapore, Thailand and China. KomarkCorp Berhad currently has a staff force of about 600 worldwide. In line with "Our people, Our Asset" Concept, KomarkCorp Berhad places great emphasis in education, training and development of human resources. Beside providing in label printing and development of labeling equipment, KomarkCorp Berhad also sponsors staffs for specialized courses. Today KomarkCorp Berhad is one of the top leading prime label manufacturer and has exported "Made of Malaysia" indigenous automatic labeling machine and its related products as well as technical expertise to Third World Countries. KomarkCorp Berhad thrives by leaps and bounds throughout these years. Coupled with a high degree of dedication, commitment and continuous improvement innovation, KomarkCorp Berhad has sustained Malaysia in becoming one of the most advanced country in the field of labels and labeling technology in Asia.

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