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Reasons of Choosing Golden Brain:-

  • Golden Brain was established since 1993. We have been working hard to expand Mental Arithmetic Courses. 
  • AMARC Teaching Method is recommended by international abacus and mental arithmetic association. 
  • Set up Teaching Demonstration Centre for Know-How Transference.
  • Set up Research and Development Department to create innovative teaching method.
  • Set up the Supply Chain system and carry out the win-win policy.
  • Provide training in administration and management for stable and profitable business.
    Programme Description:

    Franchise Joining Process:-

  • Step 1 - Consultation through telephone (Preliminary assessment)
  • Step 2 - Personal interview at HQ (Explanation of operational procedures)
  • Step 3 - Fill in the application form
  • Step 4 - Survey and evaluation of territory
  • Step 5 - Second interview after assessment and analysis
  • Step 6 - Hand over related documents signing agreement and give the certificate of authorization
  • Step 7 - Assistance of personnel establishment and training
  • Step 8 - Discussing enrolment strategies
  • Step 9 - Starting business and giving lessons
  • Step 10 - Guidance and assistance of management

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