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In 1997, Auto Cast Sdn. Bhd. was founded as a family-owned enterprise under the name of Fan Hai @ Pan Hai. It manufactures foundry casting materials & products. The company is a breed from Success Foundry & Engineering Sdn Bhd. Customers are likely among those in industrial sectors, namely agricultural, tractor, machinery part, spare parts, water pump, plumbing and furniture. Auto Cast Sdn. Bhd. delivers high quality products such as water pump impeller, pump casing, manifold, flanges, brake hub, air-con bracket, crankshaft, resistance grids, compressor cylinder, tyre mould and other metal based products. Now, Auto Cast is part of the small to medium industry with total 60 workers.

Production Description ********************************************************

Auto Cast Sdn Bhd emphasizes on producing quality foundry products cast from various materials, namely on stainless steel, alloy steel, ductile iron, and bronze. Responding to the ever-increasing demands of the modern foundry industry, our products are subject to stringent control. Raw materials are checked methodically before proceeds to the manufacturing process. We have a common vision with other foundry industry, which is to improve casting quality. Our product range is very extensive. We recognize that through other foundry industry and individual problems have individual solutions. We are proven to be a valuable partner, developing products that are made to suit customer's requirement. There may be other huge supplier apart from us, but none cares for its customer's interest and the dedications in problem-solving and make sure that customer's 3 rights - right advice, right products, and certainly, the right price.