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Cleaning, Hygiene, Household & Gift Products
Here's the list of products provided by us. To get more information about these products, please click on the image or the name of the product.
1 . Microfiber Glass Wiping Polish Cloth
  This microfiber glass wiping polish cloth is available in 4 colors: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.
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2 . Microfiber Wiping Cloths (Big / Small)
  A double layer highly absorbent cloth designed for general purpose cleaning and is extremely durable & economical, can be washed and reused. A powerful cleaning tool in both wet and dry conditions. This series of wiping cloths come in various sizes and colors.
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3 . Ironing Board Cover (W17 x L43) or (W21 x L53)
  A cover that protects the wooden or metal ironing board from getting overheated. It provides the ironing board a flat and smooth surface providing wrinkle-free effect on clothes, apparels, garments and etc. The cover is equipped with drawstring to keep it firmly on the ironing board.
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4 . Pillows
  Pillow cushions come in various designs and sizes upon request.
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5 . WIPE-IT Gloves
  These multi-purpose gloves are designed for use as a hygienic way to protect hands from cleaning agents, abrasive substances and heat.
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6 . Heavy Duty PVC Apron (With or Without Pocket)
  A heavy duty apron made of PVC material, with front pocket. Highly recommended for the use in commercial areas.
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7 . Easy On Apron (Half / Full Length)
  This apron fits easily on anyone. The aprons come in various designs and sizes.
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