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Mops & Frames
Here's the list of products provided by us. To get more information about these products, please click on the image or the name of the product.
11 . Colour Kentucky Mop Refill
  A coloured mop made from top quality cotton, designed for peak performance in floor cleaning, floor stripping, and finishing. This Colour Kentucky Mop refill comes in loop end or cut end option upon request. It is available in various sizes (12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz) and colours (natural white, red, blue, green, yellow) so that operators can allocate a colour for each area.
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12 . Cut End Kentucky Mop Refills
  A cut end wet mop system for heavy duty use. The Cut End Kentucky Mop Refills come in various sizes (cotton: 14oz) and (white: 12oz).
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13 . Microfiber Kentucky Mop Refill
  A looped end wet mop system made from microfiber material with superior construction, complete with Kentucky Mop Clip (KMC) and an Aluminium Handle.
The Kentucky mop refill is available in various colours.
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14 . Kentucky Mop Clips
  A mop holder that holds the Kentucky Mop Refill with the clip-on concept and it is use in conjunction with aluminium handle. This Kentucky Mop Holder comes in various colours to match the colour of the mop refill and each individual's choice.
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15 . Fine String Circular Mop Complete Set
  Highly absorbent and durable, able to retain adequate moisture to wash surfaces that can be damaged by excessive amount of water such as parquet and wood, yet thoroughly cleans. It is also suitable on tiles; leaving them clean yet not water soaked so to avoid accident.
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16 . M String Circular Mop Refills
  This circular mop refill has thicker yarn for heavy duty use. It comes in 2 sizes and 4 different colours of headbands that match with the mop heads.
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17 . Striped Circular Mop Complete Set
  Color-coding readily designates different color mops for different jobs. A looped-end cotton-mixed fiber that reduces linting & tail band allows the mop to cover more floor area per stroke, saving time and money.
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18 . Baby Circular Mops
  The baby circular mop is a miniature mop set. It comes in various sizes and colors.
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19 . Blended Circular Mop - Red, Green, Blue
  Made from high quality blended yarn designed for heavy duty use on any aggressive flooring.
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20 . Blended Striped Circular Mop
  Made from high quality blended yarn designed for heavy duty use on any aggressive flooring. Comes in selection of 4 different colors to match each individual's liking.
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