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Interactive TouchFoil System

Thru-glass TouchFoil Film
* Recognize through a glass of max. 16mm thickness of tempered glass
* Totally Transparent
* Permit click, double click, drag & drawing
*Integration with Thru-glass MultiMedia System

Price: Call for Best Price
Product Description:

If you are looking to take advantage of the expanding market for through window/glass touch screen applications then the Thru-glass Interactive foil has been designed for you. Our lightweight touch foil can be applied directly to a window or a glass sheet and then a rear projection screen or LCD can be mounted behind the touch foil to create a through-window/glass touch experience.

The Thru-glass Interactive foil can be mounted using either a permanent or a removable fixing method allowing the touch unit to be moved to another location if required.

The Thru-glass touch foil is ideal for upgrading existing through window rear projection or LCD displays to create a through window touch experience. There are no external components required with the

Thru-glass Interactive foil so the installation is completely safe behind the window.

Product features:
* A real eye catcher for branding exercise.
* Razor-sharp images without hotspots.
* No reflection from daylight.
* Suitable for video- and data-projection.
* Custom-made into logos, circles, ovals etc.
* Projection possible under all angles.

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