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MultiTouch IrDA LED Touch System - Wall Mounted Kiosk

55 Inch MultiTouch IrDA LED Touch System
comes with:
• Eco-Friendly Display with 55" LED Backlight
• Ultra-Slim, Ultra-Light
• Full HD Images
Price: Call for Best Price
Product Description:

Traditionally, multi-touch has meant two or more finger contacts are independently recognized and acted upon. It also contains the concept of "multi-touch gestures," which means that two (or more) touches are recognized, acting as a single action. Pinch-zooming, for example, requires two fingers, but delivers one end-user action.

The new generation multi-touch touch screen of KM Touch SYSTEMS, defines gesture commands implement by applying any combination of two points, such as zooming in/out, rotating, dragging, especially for browsing. Multi-touch touch screen supports conventional single-touch event, and is fully compatible with the upcoming-release Windows 7 operation system of Microsoft, plug and play, and driver-free, enabling unique and powerful user interface for a variety applications.

The KM Multi-Touch System platform works perfectly with KM CMS Module and ideal for interactive content.

Eco-Friendly Display with LED Backlight
The LED LCD displays reduce energy consumption from 30 - 50% (depending on screen size) compared to conventional CCFL backlit LCD displays. The state-of-the-art LED BLU (Back Light Unit) technology has facilitated this breakthrough in Green Technology Solutions by eliminating mercury, reducing energy consumption and making it easier to recycle.

Ultra-Slim, Ultra-Light
The ultra-slim, ultra-light design of the LCD LED commercial displays provide a new era of elegance and efficiency. The LED Display has an ultra-slim style that effortlessly draws your eyes to the screen and its ultra-light design enables easier installation and maintenance. It¡_s a high-impact display that saves space with style.

Full HD Images
The LED Display is designed to be adaptable to any public display usage. Featuring Full HD images, expanded digital connectivity and multi-display control, it allows you to create a digital display environment that is always clear and displaying the highest resolution images.

High Speed Video with 120 Hz
Operating at twice the speed of conventional 60 Hz displays, our 120 Hz displays are ideal for high-speed video and scrolling text, delivering advertising and information with complete clarity and seamless speed.

Total Cost of Ownership
The LED LCD Displays are ultra-slim and lightweight. LED edge-lit backlight technology allows for an ultra-slim 1.6" chassis depth (including embedded PC), providing significant weight savings of 35 - 40% (depending on screen size) compared to conventional CCFL LCD displays.

Efficient and Reliable
The LED revolutionary Displays are easier for integrators and customers to install with its 1.6" ultra-slim design and reduced weight. The LED Display is Energy Star 5.0 compliant (excluding embedded PC models) and conforms to the ADA standards for wall mounting.

Clear Picture Quality
LED backlight technology provides clear picture quality with high contrast levels and 80 % colour gamut, providing clear images and improved colour saturation.

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