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Flexible Duct Connector
HAS flexible duct connector is designed to prevent the transmission of vibration and noise between mechanical equipment and the ductwork system. It can be easily formed to suit rectangular, circular and flat oval ducting enabling an effective and economical flexible joint to be made at the factory or on site. Different combinations of metal/fabric are available to provide the optimum solution for performance, fire resistance and economy.
Product Description:
HAS flexible duct connector is produced using high quality corrosion resistant galvanised steel sandwiching either a PVC or Polyurethane fabric. The metal and fabric sections are mechanically interlocked together forming a joint, which is not only very strong but also airtight* too.

- Suitable for low, medium and high* velocity applications.
- Prevents transmission of vibration and noise through a ducted system.
- Can be used with round, rectangular or flat oval ducts.
- Flame retardant material available.
- Conveniently packed in individual 25m cartons.
- Easy to form with minimal waste.

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