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Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Name Shenzhen ShengXianDa Technology CO., LTD
Address M12-105, China South City, Pinghu town, 518111 Longgang district, Shenzhen.
Description We are a professional manufacturer of carbon black. We have two factories in Shanxi province and Guangdong Province. The wholly area of factory reaches 31,000 square meters. Oweing to convenient transportation and rich resource, our company is located in Shenzhen as sales headquaters. Mid East and Southeast Asia are our main oversea market. We assure you of the high quality goods with competitive price and the best service.
URL http://www.cscsxd.com.cn
Contact Person Wendy Jiang
Telephone +86 - 755 3362 3556
Fax +86 - 755 3362 3559
Country China China
carbon black powder N330
Product Description :
Carbon black N330 are widely used in tyre, platen, rubber tube, industrial rubber products. It is also used as industrial raw material of printing ink and paint.
Detail Description :
We are a long-term history of manufacturer of carbon black. Our company was established in 2003. The carbon black contains grade N series, BH series, BL series.

Rubber and tire application: N220, N330, N550, N660, N774
Pigment application: BH901, BH903, BH902, BH907
Filler application: BL801, BL802, BL803, BL805, BL807 etc.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time.

Your detailed requirement will be highly appreciated and get reply soon.
Price :
USD770/MT Fob Shenzhen

Carbon Black BH903
Product Description :
Carbon Black BH903
Used in dyestuff, pigment, plastic masterbatch, cable, paper-making, aquatic printing ink, leather etc.
Detail Description :
Iodine absorption value (g/kg) 145+/-5
DBP absorption value 139+/-5
Compressed DBP absorption value 93+/-5
CTAB absorption rate surface area 64+/-5
Nitrogen absorption rate surface area 95+/-5
Tinting strength, % 130+/-5
Heating loss, % <= 1
Sieve residue 45um, % <= 0
Sieve residue500ŠIm, % <= 0.003
Ash content, % <= 0.06
Impurity NO
Packing 5kg/bag
Price :
USD 2000/MT fob Shenzhen

Modified Coal Tar Pitch
Product Description :
Coal tar pitch is one of distillates of coal tar.
Be used as raw materials of electrode, battery, electrolytic aluminium, rubber etc.
Detail Description :
Index name Modified coal tar pitch
First class Second class Measured value
Softening point (ring-ball) ¡aC >100-115 >100-120 108
TI( toluene insolubles) % 28-34 >26 30.2
QI( quinoline insolubles) % 8-14 8-15 8.12
B- resin % no less than 18 16 22.08
Coking value % no less than 54 50 57.42
Ash % no more than 0.3 0.3 0.15
moisture % no more than 5 5
Price :
USD 400/MT fob Shenzhen

Crude Naphthalene
Product Description :
Detail Description :
Product name: Crude naphthalene
Molecular formula: C10H8
Molecular weight: 128.16
The color is white, light red or yellow is allowed. It is powder or flakes.
Naphthalene Purity: 95.0%
Crystallization point: >=78.0%
Nonvolatile matter: <=0.04%
Ash content: <=0.01%
Used in synthetic resin, dye intermediate, coating, medicine, agriculture, rubber auxiliaries, and water reducing agent for concrete and so on.

Price :
USD 1100/MT fob Shenzhen

Carbon Black N220
Product Description :
N220 has excellent grind-resistant (10%-20%better than N330) and anti-crack function, which make granule have better stretch intensity and break elongate intensity, it also has some function of improving conductivity, higher black degree than other models.
Use: Tyre rubber, rubber products, high-load transport belt, high black degree also used widely in plastic color products, leather, paper mill, as raw materials of printing and dyeing
Detail Description :
Iodine absorption value (g/kg) 121+/-7
DBP absorption value 114+/-7
Compressed DBP absorption value 93-107
CTAB absorption rate surface area 102-120
Nitrogen absorption rate surface area 112-126
Tinting strength (%) 106-124
Heating loss (%<=) 1.5
Sieve residue 45um (%<=) 0.1
Sieve residue 500um (%<=) 0.001
Ash content (%<=) 0.5
Impurity 0
Stretch intensity (Mpa >=) -2.0
Break elongate intensity (%>=) -10
Stress intensity 300% (Mpa) -2.3 +/-1.6

Price :
USD 820/MT Fob Shenzhen

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