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Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Name Dynamic Search Sdn. Bhd.
Address No. 49, Mezz & 1st Floor, Jalan SS 2/64, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Description We offer personalized, customized consultancy conducted in a systematic, logical and analytical manner for BOTH our Qualitative and Quantitative Research divisions.
URL http://www.dynamic-search.com.my
Contact Person Ng Hsin ling
Telephone 603 - 7874 1452
Fax 603 - 7875 7419
Country Malaysia Malaysia
Research Expertise Solution
Product Description :
Types of Research Services:

: Pre and Post Advertising Diagnostics
: Banking/Financial Institution Research
: Basic Usage and Attitudinal Probes
: Brand Image Studies
: Brandname Evaluation
: Concept Evaluation
: Corporate Image
: Employee Perceptions
: Gap Analysis Studies
: Idea Brainstorming
: Motivational Probes
: Mystery Observation at P.O.S.
: Mystery Shopping
: New Product Development-Product Testing
: Pack and Label Design Evaluation
: Psychographic Research
: Positioning Research
: Shopper Traffic Count
: Social / Socio-political Research
: Trade Studies

Detail Description :
Applications to various products and services:

>> Garments / Personal Attire
>> Airlines
>> Automobile / Automobile "C related
>> Baby products
>> Banking Services
>> Beverages "C alcoholic / non-alcoholic
>> Charge / Credit Card Services
>> Cigarettes
>> Coffee Shop Retailer Studies
>> Confectionery
>> Courier Services
>> Cosmetics
>> Electrical Appliances
>> Finance
>> Food Products
>> Hair Products
>> Household Products
>> Housing Development
>> Hypermarket Shopping
>> Insecticides
>> Laundry Products
>> Media Research
>> Oral and Dental Products
>> Personal Toiletries
>> Pharmaceutical OTC Products
>> Pharmaceutical Ethical Products
>> Public Relations Campaign Evaluation
>> Trade Dealer Studies
>> Travel Research

Niche Research Solution
Product Description :
An exclusive package by Dynamic Search to help you maximise your contests.

Consumer Contests Serve As A Sales Promotion Tool To Tactically...

ContestDynamics has a 2-fold benefit.

It promises TOTAL MANAGEMENT OF CONTEST LOGISTICS once your contest is underway...

Call us for a full presentation of ContestDynamics....
Detail Description :
Benefit The Consumer

: To Reward the brand-loyal consumer
: To Inform the consumer of any tag-on product messages
: To Invite trial/brand-switch among non-brand users
: To Give Incentives via opportunity-to-win prizes
: To Encourage stocking

Benefit The Marketeer

: To Enhance your brand by building consumer franchise
: To Impart a selling message alongside your campaign
: To Accelerate growth and sales volume
: To Encourage bulk purchase
: To Encourage off-season purchase

Boost Retailer Support

: To Induce retailer stocking of new items or larger volume
: To Reinforce retailer brand loyalty
: To Offset competitive promotions
: To Gain entry into new retail outlets

Boost Sales Force Morale

: To Encourage support of a new product or model
: To Encourage more prospecting
: To stimulate sales in off-season periods

Teen Dynamics
Product Description :
The youth of today is the adult of tomorrow

The teenage years...
A period of character and image formation.
The perfect time for product entry and brand image formation for your product.

In time to come, the youth will rule the market place. So catch them now and you have a chance of keeping them forever.

Detail Description :
What is TeenDynamics

TeenDynamics is a combined Qualitative and Quantitative Program that offers you an in-depth look at what makes the teenager tick.

The Psychological, Emotional And Lifestyle Make-up Of The Malaysian Teens

What is their self concept/self image?
What attracts them? What excites them?
What are their concerns? What bothers them? What hang-ups do they have?
What are their attitudes towards life? What are their goals, expectations and aspirations like?
What is their world like?

Their Emotional And Symbolic Attachments To Objects And Subjects

What are their value systems like?
What symbolic meanings do they attach to objects e.g. clothes, shoes, sports goods, cars etc? Why?
Who do they hero-worship, respect and want to emulate? Why?

Their Detailed Attitudes Towards Your Product Category/Brand

A holistic understanding of how their make-up blends/does not blend with the product category/brand under study

Kids Dynamics
Product Description :
This powerful consumer segment can unravel more than you can ever fathom! They reveal early emotional attachments to products and brands which they bring with them when they hit teenage-hood and henceforth, even into adulthood!
Detail Description :
Imagine the potential you can unleash by catching ˇrem really young!!!

LEARNING is the basis of how he develops associative values to YOUR PRODUCT and YOUR BRAND! The potential of pester-power therefore cannot be underestimated.

KidsDynamics is an ingenious combination of Qualitative and Quantitative techniques that dig into the childˇ_s world and sees life from his eyes!

Children at play can reveal simple tasking to complex taskingˇ-showing how imaginative and mentally acrobatic they are! Watch them free-express via Projective games that are played and stories that they tell! Watch them draw their hearts out via their own creations and brainstorming!

Mystery Dynamics
Product Description :
An exclusive package by Dynamic Search that gives you candid feedback on your STORE and SERVICE PERFORMANCE

Real-time feedback on Real-time Store experience.


Motivational Tools for Personnel to Excel

: To act as a feedback mechanism on Staff performance

: To REWARD outstandingly good Personnel who are truly the companyˇ_s asset

Marketing feedback tool

: To CHECK if any marketing decisions and promotions are effectively filtered down to the consumers

: To OPEN YOUR EYES to what is NOT obvious to you on the consumer shopping experience

: Check the ACCURACY in which information is disseminated to the customers

: Check the CONSISTENCY throughout the promotion duration and inter-store performance


Detail Description :
Benefit The Marketeer

To PROVIDE FEEDBACK on the STORE AMBIENCE AND PHYSICAL OFFERING of your store which will otherwise get sidelined in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the marketing process.

- a measure of your maintenance crew performance

: FEEDBACK on the WORKING CONDITION of the important facilities "C such as dispensers, operating machines (eg ATM, Public Amenities) and facilities such as those provided at the toilet or dressing room.

: FEEDBACK on AVAILABILITY of the facilities "C e.g. car park space, trolleys, soap dispensers across different times of trading, and different days of the week and different week of the month.

This will alert the Client to the ˇ°hardwareˇ± maintenance when the need arises.

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