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Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Name ICTWAY Sdn Bhd
Address No 38B-3, Jalan Radin Anum, 57000 Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.
Description ICTWay is Asia Leading Multilevel Marketing Enterprise that is promoting eMLM and e-Commerce program to its' member.
URL http://www.e-way.com.my
Contact Person Soo Chin Leong
Telephone +603 - 9057 6377
Fax +603 - 9059 6377
Country Malaysia Malaysia
Product Description :
The unique blood-type-based health products that is the only one in the world.

Main Function:

  • Modern diseases: Diabetes, High blood pressure, cancer,etc.
  • Elderly Problems: Arthritis, weak body, Amnesia, etc.
  • Children's Problems: Poor immune system, Digestion Problems, etc.

Detail Description :
Main Ingredient:

  • Prebiotics
  • Probiotics

Both these substances play a vital role in food digestion, nutrients absorption, and detoxification.

  • Enzyme: nutrient transporting agent in our body.
  • Organic chlorophyll: an anti-oxidation substance,and also as source of food for beneficial bacteria in our body.
  • 85 vitamins, minerals and amino acids£ºsupply our daily need of nutrients. One sachet for each morning and night will ensure you an energetic life and healthy body.
  • Blood-type-based food therapy has aroused the attention from 25 countries worldwide.
  • Translated into more than 50 languages.
  • One of the top ten best seller books in the world.

Bio-Vege Fibre
Product Description :
Never neglect any tiny problem of your health
Detail Description :
Never neglect any tiny problem of your health
Sometimes, those tiny problems may bring down your health or even may be mortal to your life.

Product Description :
The Most Comprehensive Food; an algae-type food; recognized by all nutritionist as "The food with the most complete and balance nutrition". Members of United Nation (UN) Food Organization even named it as "The most ideal food of 21st century".

After the blue-green algae and green algae being introduced into the market, the type of algae that is recently being promoted is

The King of algae "C WAKAME
Detail Description :
The most comprehensive food-(WAKAME)-

  • The no.1 algae researcher of Japan, Professor Kazutoshi, stated clearly in his report regarding biochemistry of algae about ¡°The effects of WAKAME on human health¡±
  • The nutrients of WAKAME enable us to prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke
  • WAKAME is the secondary food for citizens of longevity village in Japan
  • WAKAME is a food which commonly used by Japanese to ease hypertension
  • WAKAME is rich in special and unique contents such as alginic acid, polysaccharides and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid ) which are very helpful in preventing blood clotting in vessels of heart and brain.
  • WAKAME is rich in special acidic polysaccharide, abundance food fibers and Vitamin A which can suppress occurrence of cancer effectively.

Main functions:

  • Essential for weight control and body slimming due to WAKAME is low calorie, fiber-rich food
  • To proliferate lactobacillus
  • Delay aging
  • Strengthen our body
  • Skin beauty

WAKAME spore essence does not contain any chemical additive

  • adult 2-3 times/day each time 5 tablets
  • children 2-3 times/day each time 2 tablets

Bio-C Fruit
Product Description :
Vitamin C: Able to control proliferation of cancerous cell
Detail Description :
Vitamin C was initially found in the fruit juice which is used to overcome scurvy long time ago. It is an organic compound that derives from glucose.

Natural Purple Bamboo Salt
Product Description :
Bamboo Salt "C Korean Valuable Product
Detail Description :
The main Korean traditional food therapy
More than thousand years of tradition baking process - a secret method
Regarded as wonderful health product by many nation's experts

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