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Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Name TS Chuan Engineering & Drilling Sdn. Bhd.
Address Lot 263, Jalan Sungai Lalang, Batu 21 1/2, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor Daruh Ehsan.
Description Designation and Fabrication of sewage treatment plant equipments in Malaysia
URL http://www.dagangasia.com/tschuan
Contact Person Tan Soo Chuan
Telephone 603 - 8727 0611
Fax 603 - 8724 3682
Country Malaysia Malaysia
CH High Speed Surface Aerator
Product Description :
The Efficient Aeration System
Detail Description :
Approval : KTAK/JPP(P&P)/7/242-8(7)

-High Quality
-Quick Delivery
-Simple and Rugges Design
-Low Operational Cost
-Ease of Maintenance
-Low Power Consumption
-Economic and Reliable

CH High Speed Surface Aerator provides a powerful pumping action that transfer oxygen by breaking up the wastewater into a spray of particles, creating more surface area for atmospheric pressure to drive oxygen into the wastewater. At the same time, the oxygen-enriched water is dispersed and mixed.

CH Surface Aerator
Product Description :
The Efficient Aeration System
Detail Description :
-Better Mixing
-Easy Maintenance
-Maximum Reliability
-Maximum Flexibility

-Low Investment Cost
-Lower Operating Cost
-Simple & Quick Installation
-High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

The CH Surface Aerator consists of a turbine-type aerator, which is mounted just below the surface of the liquid to be aerated. The action of the turbine creates a vortex, lifting large quantities of oxygen-deficient liquid from the bottom of the basin, pumping it through the oxygenation zone, discharging it radially, and dispersing it throughout the liquid body at a low velocity. Every unit of the surface aerator's impeller will be given a dynamic balancing correction to maximize the service life of the gearbox.

CH Screw Conveyor / CH Screw Compactor
Product Description :
The efficient Conveyor / Compactor System
Detail Description :
- High Quality
- Quick Delivery
- Simple & Rugged Design
- Good After Sales Support
- Low Operational Cost
- Ease of Maintenance
- Lower Power Consumption
- Economic & Reliable

CH Air Lift Pump
Product Description :
The Efficient Solid / Liquid Separation System
Detail Description :
-A large pollutant storage capacity, for less frequent abrasive
-Convenient access points, simplifying inspection and evacuation
-Low dry-weather water level, reducing volume and cost of clean out
-Protect moving mechanical equipment from abrasion
-Reduce formation of heavy deposits in pipelines, channel & conduits
-Reduce the frequency of down-stream process cleaning

CH Clarifier Sludge Scraper
Product Description :
The Innovative Clarifier System
Detail Description :
-High efficiency
-High quality
-Low operating cost
-Low capital cost
-Engineering reliability

CH Clarifier Sludge Scraper provide for the removal of
1) Settleable solids capable of forming sludge deposits in the receiving waters.
2) Free oil & grease and other flaoating material.
3) A portion of the organic load discharged to the receiving waters.

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