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Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Name IPI Sendirian Berhad
Address Lot 2, Lebuh Raja Lumu, Kaw. MIEL Ind. Est., Pandamaran, Port Klang, 42000 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Description IPI is one of the leading manufacturers of offset sheetfed printing inks for the commercial and packaging industries.
URL http://www.dagangasia.com/ipi
Contact Person Foo Hee Juan
Telephone +603 - 3168 7161/7559
Fax +603 - 3167 3035
Country Malaysia Malaysia
SS 7000 Screen Ink
Product Description :
SS 7000 is an economic set of screen ink specially designed for soft and rigid PVC, paper and board.
Detail Description :

- Good weather resistance
- Good color strength
- Matt finishing
- Good adhesion
- Low odor
- Fast solvent release
- Good stencil stability
- Good self-solvency
- Good alcohol and water resistance


For normal thinning, use SS 783 Solvent. Use SS 719 as Retarder and SS 718 as Fast Thinner
For reducing color strength, use SS 777 Medium.
Please stir well before every use. Always keep ink under close condition.


Add 0.3-0.5% of SS 8001 Antifoam Agent into the ink and mix well in case of foaming on print.
To prepare metallic ink, please mix thoroughly 25-30% of metallic powder to 70-75% of SS 777 Medium and stir until it is homogenous.

SS 90 Screen Ink
Product Description :
This SS 90 ink is specially formulated using chlorine free binder for application on treated Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) material.
Detail Description :

- Good adhesion
- Good gloss
- Good color strength
- Good rub & scratch resistance
- Good solvent release
- Good alcohol & grease resistance
- Good covering power


For normal thinning, use SS 905 Reducer. Use SS 903 as Retarder and SS 901 as Fast Reducer.
For cleaning of stencil, use SS 904 Cleaning Solvent.
For reducing of color strength, use SS90-0000 Medium.


Add 0.3-0.5% of SS 8001 Antifoam Agent into the ink and mix well in case of foaming on print.
To achieve optimum adhesion, material to be printed must be pre treated with flame or corona treatment at least 38 dynes/cm sq.

Product Description :
A premium sheetfed offset 4-colour process set recommended for good quality process printing. A unique feature of these inks is the stability to remain open on the printing machine for a good length of time and yet give very fast setting speed on substrate. This is our well-seasoned series that now being used in both single and multi-colour traditional and modern ultra-fast printing presses.
Detail Description :

- Excellent press behavior and good colour-reproduction
- Superior mileage due to high colour strength
- Sharp dots and high glossiness
- Excellent anti-skinning properties and duct fresh
- Excellent rub-resistance
- Compatible with both conventional and alcohol dampening systems
- Applicable for both high speed and normal speed printing presses
- Fast setting and quick drying, suitable for fast work and turn jobs
- Suitable for both coated and uncoated paper and board

Product Description :
NB 8800 is our premium 4-colour offset series recommended for printing on boxboard and equivalent substrates where excellent scuff-resistance and fast work and turn job are priority features. It is also suitable for other general-purpose printing where very fast drying and excellent rub-resistance is important requirement.
Detail Description :

- High colour intensity gives very good mileage
- Good colour reproduction and sharp dots
- Superior scuff-resistance
- High gloss
- Suitable for both conventional and alcohol dampening system
- Applicable for both newer high speed and traditional offset printing presses.
- Fast setting and very fast drying on substrates
- Substrates : Coated (Gloss and Matt) and Uncoated Art board and papers

Product Description :
Dry offset ink for plastic packaging made of PVC, Polystyrene, polyethylene and polyproplylene. This ink type is specially formulated for most automatic cup, lid and tub printing machines that are equipped with ester-resistant blankets and rollers.
Detail Description :
LS-PLAST INKS are specialized dry offset inks for plastic packaging made of PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene. In addition, they can also be used on other plastics although the material in question should first be tested.

LS-PLAST INKS can be used with most automatic cup, lid and tube printing machines that are equipped with ester-resistant blankets and rollers.

General Features

* Process colours and specially required colours are available

* Drying, after printing, by a short exposure to heat e.g. infra-red radiators. To avoid offsetting the fresh prints should be cooled before leaving the drying zone.

* Pretreatment of substrate is necessary for good adhesion on polyethylene and polypropylene.

Important Notice

Tests conducted in our laboratory indicate that these products are suitable for the above mentioned applications, however we strongly recommend that you test these inks under your own production conditions.

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