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Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Name CMTS Sdn Bhd
Address 9, JlnTPP 5/13, Taman Perindustrian Puchong, off Jln Puchong-Shah Alam, 47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Description CMTS Malaysia is specializing in the design and manufacture of Industrial Furnaces - Aluminium Melting, Fire Test and Incinerators for Garbage, Human, Animal Carcass and Hospital Waste
URL http://www.cmtsproduct.com
Contact Person Yap Heng Chuan
Telephone 603-80623686
Fax 603-80623680
Country Malaysia Malaysia
Cremation Furnace
Product Description :
CMTS is a leading supplier of safe, efficient and dependable cremation equipment. We manufacture a selection that serve a diverse and growing market world wide.

Detail Description :
CMTS cremator incorporates full automatic control including that of flue gas emissions. It is built to meet emission regulations laid out by European Union and that of World Health Organisation. The cremator operates on natural gas, LP gas or diesel oil and employs the proven two chambers design for clean discharge and reliable operation. CMTS has concentrated on providing a simplified control interface requiring no special operator skills. This heavy duty cremator has a 70 to 90 minute cycle, depending on case types and offers up to six cremations per 10 hour day, whilst maintaining clean emissions throughout each cycle. A negative pressure primary chamber ensure that burning operations are fume free and heat is drawn away from the door. The aesthetically designed exterior has an easily cleaned stainless steel decorative finish.

Animal Carcass Incinerator
Product Description :
Pathological Destructors for Animal Carcass, Animal Organic Waste, Offal, Bone and Flesh, Poultry and Sewage Screenings.
Detail Description :
Features & Benefits:
Low Waste Loading Threshold
Environmentally Friendly
Low Cost Operation
Simple & Fully Automatic "Push-Button" Controls
Smokeless and Odorless Operation
Ideal for Large Volume Disposal
Equipped for Outdoor or Indoor Installation
Low Maintenance and Upkeep
Large Animal Carcass Cremation Capability
Deep Reservoir for Fluid Control
High Temperature, Abrasion Resistant Refractory Lining
4 Hour Standard Cycle
Minimum Staff Required

The batch load incineration systems are available in a variety of sizes that are designed to meet the disposal needs of virtually any animal care facility. With system capacities starting at 200kg loads and progressing up to 600kg loads, the batch incinerators are ideally suited for mass disposal. They are uniquely capable of processing either large quantities of small animals and/or the entire single carcass of large animals.

Biomass Waste Air Curtain Incinerator
Product Description :
The Environmentally Friendly Alternative for Wood Waste Reduction
Detail Description :
The Air Curtain Incineration systems employ high temperatures that safely and efficiently reduce wood and vegetation waste.

Our systems are typically used in the construction industry to support land clearing operations where OPEN BURNING PRACTICES ARE PROHIBITED BY LAW .

The refractory walled air curtain incineration systems have been designed and engineered to provide over-the-road transportality, offering the operator the flexibility of bringing the refractory-lined box to the waste source, rather than hauling the waste to a fixed processing location.
Environmental Benefits Of Air Curtain Incinerators
100 % combustion with minimal escaped particulates.
Virtual elimination of smoke
Residual ash can be used as soil amendments
Fast burning throughput between 10 to 20 tons / hr depending on moisture content of wood waste.

Tube Furnace
Product Description :
CMTS's Tube Furnace is designed for research and development work in the laboratory. A split heating chamber version is also available for research work requiring frequent changes of tubes.

Detail Description :

Growing electronic crystals
Doping silicon wafers
Chemical composition analysis
High temperature reactions
Pilot processing of samples
Heat treating minerals specimens

High temperature up to 1700C
Good temperature uniformity
Rapid and smooth heat up
Low energy consumption
Auto-tuning PID control
Safe and easy maintenance

Efficient design and construction

The tube furnace has a long firing chamber of suitable length. Simple plug doors made of lightweight insulating bricks are provided to reduce heat losses at tube ends. We insulate our furnace walls with specifically blended layer of low thermal mass fiber material giving low external furnace wall temperature. Heating elements (coiled elements / Silicon Carbide elements / Molybdenum Disilicide elements) transfers heat into the chamber and provide efficient heating up of the charge loads.

Laboratory Furnace
Product Description :
Chamber furnace used in modern laboratories, workshop and production plant must meet very tight and exact specification.
Detail Description :
-Volatile solids analysis
-Drying precipitates
-Melting of alloys

-High temperature up to 1700C
-Good temperature uniformity
-Rapid and smooth heat up
-Low energy consumption
-Low external wall temperature
-Auto-tuning PID control

Efficient design and construction

We insulate our furnace walls with low thermal mass fiber and refractory bricks. Heating element (Coiled elements / Silicon Carbide elements / Molybdenum Disilicide elements) provides efficient heating up of the charge loads. The chamber receives heat from both sidewalls. This design has the advantage of high power reserve, fast heat-up and uniform temperature distribution.


The composite high - grade ceramic fiber lining gives low external wall furnace temperature. Isolating door switch to turn off power to heater when the door is opened. Good design, high strength materials, electrical and mechanical safeguards, and color-coded controls are used to maximize equipment safety for operating personnel.

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