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Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Name Perfect Combustion Sdn. Bhd.
Address No. 60, Jalan Tanming 7, Tanming Jaya Industrial Park, Off Jalan Balakong, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Description Established in 1997 & has more than 10 years' experience in industrial burner, packaged burner & heating system such as boiler, furnace & incinerator & burner conversion project. We are an engineering, marketing & servicing company & are highly regarded & value by those that it serves as problem solver who provide one stop solution to the customers. The company design, supply, install & commissioning oil & gas combustion system & heat generating equipment in Malaysia & South East Asia.
URL http://www.daganghalal.com/perfectcombustion
Contact Person Mr William Ng
Telephone 03 - 8961 9484 / 86
Fax 03 - 8961 9485
Country Malaysia Malaysia
Product Description :
Natural gas line burner.
Detail Description :
• Durable, industrial-quality cast iron body construction with stainless steel tile retainers.
• Direct spark/ flame sensing port.
• Easy tile replacement.
• Radiant face temperatures from 1050°F to 1650°F.
• Rapid heat up and cool down.
• Low profile design.
• No wire screens required.
• Low manifold pressures.
• Manifolds can be arranged to allow for multi-width/ multi-length operation of burner sections.
• Retrofit Maxon P/ S Radiant II applications by installing RadMax™ on existing manifolds.
• Can be used in ovens/ chambers up to 500°F (260°C).

Circular INCINO-PAK®
Product Description :
Natural gas low temp burner.
Detail Description :
• Specifically designed for the thermal incineration in cylindrical combustion chambers of combustible gaseous effluents from a wide variety of industrial processes.
• Provide outside-the-duct access to the raw gas pilot, ignitor, and flame safeguard components.
• Considerable savings in primary energy.
• Two popular sizes.
• Simplifies the construction of cylindrical incinerator chambers.

Product Description :
Natural gas low temp burner.
Detail Description :
• Provides clean combustion with NOx emission levels below 25 ppm (50 mg/ m3) and CO levels less than 75 ppm (90 mg/ m3) at 3% O2.
• Nozzle-mixing gas burner for use with natural gas or propane.
• Packaged version available in 5 sizes.
• EBMRV version available in 4 sizes.
• Packaged version operates on low gas pressure.
• Simple installation, adjustment and start-up.
• Turndown averages 15:1 (10:1 on smaller sizes).
• Designed specifically for oven-type applications.
• Packaged version handles oven conditions from 2" w.c. (5 mbar) suction to 2" w.c. (5 mbar) back pressure.
• EBMRV version offers good performance with a much wider range of suction or back pressure applications.

Product Description :
Natural gas low temp burner.
Detail Description :
• Short, ribbon-type flames are produced by modular-designed sections with "customized" drillings.
• Heat releases up to 525,000 Btu/ hr.
• Turndown ratios up to 7:1.

Product Description :
Natural gas low temp burner.
Detail Description :
• Produces extremely low emissions of NOx and CO.
• Burns natural gas or propane.
• Flame contained almost entirely inside the discharge sleeve.
• Compact packaged design with a variety of control methods.
• Durable steel outer construction with stainless steel internals.
• Optional discharge sleeve selections for use with low or high temperature applications.

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